Get Ready to Feel Better Than Ever

Start with a Chiropractic consultation at our office in Amarillo, TX

Before your first adjustment at Lighthouse Chiropractic, your Chiropractor will discuss your goals and concerns with you and figure out what kind of adjustments, stretches and exercises will be most beneficial to you.

Full Chiropractic Examination and Consultation with Dr. Casas where he takes the time to thoroughly understand your needs and educate you on the benefits of Chiropractic for your body.

  • Digital Posture Screen
  • 1 on 1 Hands on Spinal Screening & Exam
  • Your first adjustment
  • Personalized Care recommendations designed to fit your physical and financial needs

Ready to get started? Call or email us today to schedule your Chiropractic consultation in Amarillo, TX.

A few more things to know about your initial appointment

Initial Chiropractic exams are $120. Most new practice member consultations take 45 minutes.

To schedule a Chiropractic exam, Schedule Online or call 806-337-0811 today. We look forward to helping you feel like your best self.